Sunday, November 13, 2005

Colorblind James Experience in Amsterdam, 1990

Here we are at the Melkweg (or "Milky Way"), in the spring of 1990. Left-to-right: David D. McIntire: clarinet and saxophones; Joe "the Bone" Columbo: trombone; Colorblind James: vocals, rhythm guitar, vibraphone, songwriting; Jimmy McAvaney: drums and percussion; Ken Frank: bass guitar; Phillip Marshall: lead guitar, backing vocals.

This was our final tour to Europe, and the first one where we actually made a profit. This was the last show on this tour, and one of the most memorable of our time over there. It's a major club in Amsterdam, still rocking to this day, and there were several hundred people there on this occasion. The picture was taken by our tour manager, Steve Left. Notice how at the end of the tour we were all seriously in need of haircuts...

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hoping to hear more on the exploits of cbje in europe.