Wednesday, March 15, 2006

and here they are...

Here in this dramatic action-photograph, we see Owen James and Chloe Louise pondering the relative merits of growing up in a post-minimalist household. Will a steady diet of Ives, Cage, Feldman, Reich, Adams, Duckworth, Gann, Lauten, Johnston and Branca (not to mention the Colorblind James Experience) really make them smarter?

Mozart? Who's Mozart?


Anonymous said...

Cute midgets.

Perhaps some Ingram Marshall as well?

- Scott

Frau Vogler said...


These are the cutest twins!

In case mein Herr has not passed along the offer, please let us know if you need a sitter...we'd love to help.

Phillip Henry Marshall said...


Now...what are your plans for 'em?