Thursday, March 01, 2012

Return to Blogging

Well. It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm not exactly sure what particular event prompted me to resume blogging (or that there even WAS any particular event), but the impetus has been building for some time. So when Captain Beefheart's long-lost 'Bat Chain Puller' album was finally issued by the Zappa Family Trust, I knew it was time. So, stay tuned for an upcoming posting about that. Looking down the old blog postings, I note that the last time I blogged about music was in 2006. I had fewer gray hairs. My kids were still waking every four hours or so, and I was in my fifth month of a year-long sleep deprivation. My doctorate was unfinished, and seemed likely to remain so. I hadn't been swept into the vortex of international minimalism conferences or overwhelmed by a strange compulsion to launch micro-label. I weighed less.

I'm pretty sure the world doesn't need a new music blog, or even an old one redux. I read some pretty good ones, and mine is a moon-cast shadow in comparison. Apropos of not too much though, I still occasionally feel compelled to lob a few thoughts into the intervoid. These will change nothing, but make me feel better in some way. Edging warily into my sixth decade I still have a sense of wonder and bafflement about music. I'm fascinated by a lot of things that don't seem to add up to anything. But for me the guiding principle of what I choose to write about is simple: "I found this moving or inspiring or valuable or provocative, and I think you might too. Here it is."

Thanks for reading and listening.

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